3.17.19 Sermon: “I Am the Bread of Life”

3.17.19 Offertory Music: “See How Great a Flame Aspires”, Annette Davis, pianist; Don Peterson, violinist

3.10.19 Sermon: “The Great ‘I Am'”

3.10.19 Offertory Music: “Let Us Plead for Faith Alone”, Annette Davis, pianist; Don Peterson, violinist

3.3.19 Sermon: “Asleep or Awake?”

3.3.19 Offertory Music:  “For the Bread Which You Have Broken”

2.24.19 Sermon: “Don’t be Stingy”

2.24.19 Choir Performance: “That Judgment Morn”

2.24.19 Offertory Music: “O Young and Fearless Prophet”

2.17.19 Sermon: “It’s Not All Fun and Games!”

2.17.19 Offertory Music: “Dear Lord, Lead Me Day by Day!”, Annette Davis, pianist; Don Peterson, violinist

2.10.19 Sermon: “What’s Your Excuse?”, Vicki Good, guest worship leader

2.10.19 Offertory Music: “Standing in the Need of Prayer”, Annette Davis, pianist

2.3.19 Sermon: “If Only . . .”

2.3.19 Offertory Music: “Lord, Speak to Me”, Annette Davis, pianist; Don Peterson, violinist

1.27.19 Guest Speaker: Emma Wright, missionary with “Remember Nhu”

1.27.19 Offertory Music: “Come Thou Almighty King”, Annette Davis, pianist; Don Peterson, violinist

1.20.19 Sermon: “God is Able”

1.20.19 Offertory Music:  “Wellspring of Wisdom”; Annette Davis, Pianist

1.13.19 Sermon: “Who Are You?”

1.13.19 Offertory Music: “Blessed Assurance”

January 6, 2019 Sermon: “Overjoyed”

1.6.19 Offertory Music: “When Jesus Came to Jordan”

12.30.18 Message: Stories Behind Selected Carols

12.30.18 Offertory Music:  “O Morning Star, How Fair and Bright”

12.24.18 Christmas Eve Service, track 1

12.24.18 Christmas Eve Service, track 2

12.24.18 Christmas Eve Service, track 3

12.23.18 Sermon: “Christmas Day in the Morning”, a story by  Pearl S. Buck

12.16.18 The Cantata, “Holding On to Christmas”, (arranged by Marty Parks), performed by our choir

12.9.18 Offertory Music: “Rock-a-Bye, My Dear Little Boy”

12.9.18 Sermon: “The Prince of Peace”

12.9.18 Special Music: “Only God”, The Choir

12.2.18 Special Music: “Remembrance”, The Choir

12.2.18 Sermon: “Deck the Halls”

11.25.18 Sermon: “Christ the King – Christ My King”

11.18.18 Special Music: “Come Harvest Time”, Dick Dickinson

11.18.18 Sermon: “Have You Checked Your Protective Gear Lately?”, Vicki Good

11.18.18 Offertory Music: “See How Great a Flame Aspires”, Annette Davis, pianist; Don Peterson, violinist

11.11.18 Sermon: “A Love Like No Other”, Vicki Good

11.11.18 Offertory Music: “When Love is Found”,  Annette Davis, pianist; Don Peterson, violinist

11.4.18 Sermon: “The Mantle That Falls Upon You”

11.4.18 Offertory Music: “Thy Holy Wings, O Savior”

10.28.18 Sermon: “Rebuilding from Rubble”

10.28.18 Offertory Music: “O Thou, in Whose Presence”

10.21.18 Sermon: “A Glance in the Mirror”

10.21.18 Offertory Music: “Christian People, Raise Your Song”

10.14.18 Sermon: “No Man is an Island”

10.14.18 Offertory Music

10.7.18 Sermon: “Into the Hands of a Woman”

10.7.18 Choir Presentation: “The Longer I Serve Him”

10.7.18 Offertory Music: “Leave it There”

9.30.18 Offertory Music

9.30.18 Sermon: “Singing Our Prayers”

9.16.18 Offertory Music: “Of All the Spirit’s Gifts to Me”

9.16.18 Sermon: “Balaam and the Talking Donkey”

9.2.18 Sermon: “We are Called to Witness”, Larry Eyre, Lay Speaker

9.2.18 Offertory Music

8.26.18 Offertory Music

8.26.18 Sermon: “Attitude is Everything”

8.19.18 Sermon: “Search Me, O God”, The Skit Guys

8.19.18 Offertory Music “Close to You”

8.12.18 Sermon: “Be Strong and Courageous”

8.12.18 Offertory Music “Old Rugged Cross, Don Peterson, violinist

8.5.18 Sermon: “Do Not Forget”

7.22.18 Offertory Music “How Great Thou Art”, Don Peterson, violinist

7.22.18 Sermon: “Seeking Wisdom”

7.15.18 Offertory Music

7.15.18 Sermon: “Beginning to End”

7.8.18 Offertory Music: “O Morning Star How Fair and Bright”

7.8.18 Sermon: “The Great Weakness”

7.8.18 Special Music: “A New Name in Glory”

7.1.18 Sermon: “Faith Enough for This”

7.1.18 Special Music: “God Will Bless America Again”, The Choir

6.24.18 Sermon: “Settle Down”

6.24.18 Offertory Music: A Swedish composition performed by Don Peterson, violin

6.17.18 Sermon: “Starting Small”

6.17.18 Offertory Music: “Our Parent by Whose Name”

6.10.18 Special Music, “Sweeter as the Days Go By”, The Choir

6.10.18 Sermon: “Treasure in Clay Pots”

6.10.18 Offertory Music: “I Sing a Song of the Saints of God”

6.3.18 Sermon: “A Precious Gift”

6.3.18 Offertory Music: “We Utter Our Cry”

6.3.18 Special Music: “Remembrance”, The Choir

5.27.18 Sermon: “Children of God”

5.27.18 Offertory Music “America the Beautiful”

5.20.18 Offertory Music: “Blessed Jesus, at They Word”; Annette Davis, pianist; Don Peterson, violinist

5.20.18 Sermon: “Past, Present, and Future”

5.20.18 Special Music by the Choir: “Holy Spirit”

5.13.18 Offertory Music: “O Come and Dwell in Me”

5.13.18 Sermon: “Who Defines You?”

4.22.18 Offertory Music “There is a Balm in Gilead”, Annette Davis, pianist

4.22.18 Sermon: “Lavish Love”

4.15.18 Sermon: “Walking in the Light”

4.15.18 Offertory Music: “Holy spirit, Truth Divine”, Annette Davis, pianist, and  Don Peterson, violinist

4.8.18 Sermon: “Reflections”, Larry Eyre, Lay Speaker

4.8.18 Offertory Music: “Stephanie’s Song, an original Swedish composition performed by Don Peterson on violin

4.1.18 Easter, “Risen Today”, performed by the Choir

4.1.18 Easter Sermon: “Who Would Believe You Anyway?”

4.1.18 Easter Offertory Music: “There’s a Song in the Air”, Annette Davis and Don Peterson, musicians

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