Who We Are

The Mission of the Loda United Methodist Church
is to bring people  into a relationship with  Jesus Christ
and help them grow toward spiritual maturity for God’s purpose in their lives.

We shall implement this through:

  • Service to others, both locally and globally, through gift-oriented, and risk-taking ministries
  • Extravagant generosity and financial integrity
  • Growth, both spiritual and numerical, as we practice the spiritual disciplines of prayer, study of scripture, talking about our faith, service to others and Holy Communion
  • Small groups where people can be themselves
  • Relevant and practical teaching of the Bible which addresses human needs
  • Inspiring worship where people can hear the good news of the gospel and experience God’s love
  • Entry points where people can discover that there is always room for more
  • Empowered leaders who utilize functional operating structures
  • Need-oriented evangelism which invites people to begin or continue their journey with God
  • Loving relationships which invite, welcome and invest in others


Local Church History  — coming soon


Illinois Great Rivers Conference

Iroquois River District

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